Niels van de Ven

Department of Marketing

Tilburg University

As an associate professor in marketing, I get to study human behavior, with a focus on consumer behavior. My research mainly falls in one of two domains:



  • Envy and Inequality. I study how envy influences behavior, with a special interest in when it motivates people to do better themselves and acquire the envied object. This research helps to understand how people respond to inequality or preferential treatment.

  • Consumer Decision Making. I study the effect of motives (greed, doubt, temptation, curiosity) and emotion (envy, regret) on consumer decisions. These can be consumption choices or financial behavior, for example product preferences, saving, or the use of microtransactions in computer games.


Besides those two main lines, my curiosity sometimes gets the better of me, and I also study (with my colleagues) other questions that I find interesting. For example, why do sports teams perform better at home than in away games, why the return-trip typically feels shorter than the initial trip did, or whether personality can be inferred from someone’s LinkedIn profile.


As an associate professor I of course also get to teach, and happily do so in Experimental Research (in the masters Marketing Management and Marketing Analytics) and Consumer Behavior (in the Research Master program of the Tilburg School of Economics and Management). In my prior work in psychology I also taught Psychology & Marketing, Consumer Behavior, and Organizational Psychology to psychology students.

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